The Best of "Picholine de l'Atlas"

The picholine olive trees grows in the heart of the Atlas mountains, benefitting from both mediterranean and mountain climates. The romans first spotted the site and established the region as one of the most famous olive region.

Some of the trees are more than half a century old and its fruits - the Atlas Picholine Olive - has a very specific taste as well as an exceptional quality which allows the extraction of a premium oil with a very high level of fruit and phenol.

The Atlas mountains is one of the very few olive region in the world whereby the cultivation process has remained mainly organic based on techniques that can trace back to the Romans, with a harvest mostly reaped by hand.

Once the olives mature, the collection is made with great care to preserve the quality of the future oil and prevent oxidation and or fermentation of the olive.

The olives are moltured on cold in drasticly clean conditions. We strongly believe the low acidity is one of the key factor to the flavorous and superior tasting of our olive oil. As such, Monaliva extra virgin olive oil is the result.

First Cold Extraction

The olives are moltured on cold in drastic clean conditions. As low acidity is key factor for the flavorous and better tasting of the oil, Monaliva extra virgin olive oil is the result of the first extraction process carried out in a cold environment. 












Tasting our
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tasting and evaluating the olive oil is performed through four senses : sight, smell, taste and touch.

Through sense of sight we can appreciate the color of the oil related to the date of harvest. The sense of smell allows to acknoledge the fruity flavours and taste and touch allows to caracterize the bitter and the pungeant of the olives, both of them key quality factors. Finally we appreciate the texture of the olive oil by sensing how it does feel in our mouth.

Monaliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very appreciated for its fruity savor and well balanced bitter and pungeant flavors.




A Savourous Fruit Pressed with Great Care

Monaliva is a savorous extra virgin olive oil.

First of all, there is the selection of a high quality fruit, early handly picked in the Atlas mountains.


An Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Acidity Degree < 0.30 / I Peroxyde <10)

Picking conditions and drastic selection of the fruit allow a very low degree of acidity.


"Un Fruité Relevé"

Monaliva is a perfect olive oil highly fruity .

Its délicious flavors remain a long time in your mouth.


Monaliva au Coeur de notre Vie.

Zitoun Al Atlas