Our Food Quality and Safety Commitments

« We believe, at Zitoun Al Atlas, that the health and well being of each of us start with a healthy and well balanced food.

Hence our total commitment to offer our Clients food products with proven health benefits and the highest quality.»

Our commitment to achieve the highest standards is driven by the following guidelines:

1.    Serve our Clients faithfully.

2.    Lead a process of continued improvement targeting excellence.

3.    Control the supply in strategic raw materials using very strict terms of reference achieving highest quality standards.

4.    Work within the HACCP framework from design to actual production.

5.    Guarantee the highest quality and food safety and perform tests and controls at different stages of the production under the supervision of our Quality Management System while following our strict Food Safety System set. 

6.    Design and sell nice food products with a strong organic and health dimension.

7.    Give our Clients clear and transparent information on the health benefits and nutritional qualities of our products.

8.    Give our collaborators the human and material means to their accomplishment and build the skills to achieve continued improvement of our products and services.

9.    Be aware that we build together a best in class enterprise where every collaborator has to set an example at every level starting from top management.         


Adnane AOUAD

President of Zitoun Al Atlas




Monaliva au Coeur de notre Vie.

Zitoun Al Atlas