Zitoun Al Atlas, at the Heart of the Atlas Mountains

Zitoun Al Atlas is located in the center north edge of the Atlas mountains in Morocco in the province of Sefrou. The region is famous for its tasty picholine olives (as well as its delicious cherries) thanks to the following : characteristics : (i) the relative dryness of its climate with about 400ml of rain water per year, (ii) mild temperatures for most of the year despite a 900m and (iii) a vegetation rich in Almonds and Carob Trees alongside wild forests.

A system made of deep gorges, underground sources and torrents, carry to the valley the abondant water available at the top of the snowy mountains surrounding the region (e.g. the Bouiblane summit, one of the highest montains of the Atlas, that can be see from our farm). 

The relatively hot summers are followed by cold enough winters which ensures that the usual plagues attacking olive trees are eliminated.

Our farm is surrounded by Olive trees plantations which makes the area an unmistakable olive oil region.


A Unique Geographical Site

First spotted by the Romans, the region has been growing olive trees for centuries. In a sense Monaliva is capitalising on centuries of tradition and experience.

Climate and mountainous "Terroir" give our Olive Oil an exceptional savour.

In these rural areas of Middle Atlas, Agriculture is yet largely organic.

As the main crop of our Region, Olive is therefore being considered as a precious good.


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Monaliva au Coeur de notre Vie.

Zitoun Al Atlas