Our "Terroir" and Climate

The specific "Terroir" of Zitoun Al Atlas is key in the process leading to our high quality standards.

This is our key differenciating factor since we are located in the Altlas Mountains. The more "extreme" conditions than of the usual mediterranean climate, coupled with the "terroir", eliminate most diseases and mean we hardly have to use any chemical products. In this way, our products are naturally of distinguished quality.

"La Picholine Marocaine de l'Atlas"

The Moroccan Picholine olive has a very strong character ; in the same times, it allows the production of a very fine olive oil  and is very appreciated as table olives around the world. It is well balanced as rounded as long, ripens around december, has a green or purple shiny colour. Its olive oil has also a strong  fruity character with a high level of antioxydant phenols.

As the olive tree shows around everywhere in the region, together with almond trees and some carob trees, aromas of the olives usually include a touch of almond.


The "Terroir" both Mountainous and Mediterranean

The Climate offers exceptional conditons for olive tree development :
-> both mediterranean and mountainous, it preserves the olive tree from many diseases. 


"La Picholine de l'Atlas"

The Fruit is appreciated as a fruit dressed in the table as well as to produce olive oil.

The Fruit is looked for its health benefits due to its high content in anti-oxydants poly phénols :
->help preventing from cancer, heart and neurodegenerative diseases)

Monaliva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is appreciated for its nice fruity savor.


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Monaliva au Coeur de notre Vie.

Zitoun Al Atlas