Cold Pressing

First of all we mill the fruit to obtain a mass of the olives. Zitoun Al Atlas has introduced at this stage a system which prevents the pasta from heating.

After that, the pasta is being mixed for less than 40 minutes. We have put in place a transparent mallaxor so that we can easily check the state of the pasta and control its temperature set to 25°C. The separation of the oil from the rest is carefully monitored by our engineer so that extraction is done at the right moment.
We then perform a cold extraction of the oil with no press for about half an hour.

Finally, for the removal of the organic particles, the oil goes in to small decantation deposits before being transfered to final deposits.


First Cold Pressing

Careful monitoring of all parameters at the different steps of the production process :

- Crushing : Evacuation of the heat to avoid rising temperature.

- Molturating the pasta : Température fixed at 25° and lasting time < 40 minutes

HACCP Enforced

All the production is done under control of HACCP critical points and rules .



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Zitoun Al Atlas