Picking of the Fruit and Transport to the Mill

The picking and transport to the Mill are done every day to keep olives fresh.

Most picking is done by hand to avoid harming and cut the olive. Oxygen is not allowed into the fruit and acidity is kept very low (< 0.30).

The Réception and Cleaning

The reception and cleaning of olives is key to obtain the best quality oil. We give a special attention to the collection of olives and make sure that fresh olives come to the Mill in excellent conditions.
The collection of the olives is made on a daily basis. All lots are checked before the reception according to HACCP system and must respond to our quality criteria to be declared good for production (no bruises, no cuts to avoid accelerated fermentation of the olives).


Hand picking with care to fruit integrity

The transport to the mill is done on a daily basis so that very fresh fruits are pressed the same day as they are picked from the tree.


Reception and cleaning according to HACCP

The whole lots are controled before reception with respect to HACCP rules.

The Fruits are to answer very restrictive criteria of quality to be declared good for production (fruit in a good shape, lack of bruises to prevent any accelerated oxydation or fermentation).

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