Harvest 2007
Start : 20/11/2007  - End : 14/01/2008.

The 2007 harvest has been a particularly good one with respect to the quality of the olives. The relative cold climate of the 2007/2008 winter helped prevent from any olive tree disease. The absence of strong frosts, along with excellent picking conditions resulted in a high quality olive oil.

The olives have ripened relatively late - mid december - due to the cold winter, resulting in a delicate balanced olive oil combining bitter, fruity and pungent (3 - 6 - 3).

Early harvest:

The process of picking up the fruits for Monaliva takes place very early in the harvest process and happens mainly within the first two weeks of December. The result is a very fruity olive oil with and a delicate balance between bitter and pungeant.

Hand picking:

The olives are hand-picked in order to ensure the fruits are not harmed nor oxydated before performing the extraction of the olive oil.



Cold extraction : 50.000 liters

Analytical Report, Monaliva 2007

Rigourous Selection

The harvest is closely monitored to ensure a rigorous selection of the olives.

Early Harvest

We start picking the fruits of Monaliva very early, mainly within the first two weeks of december. From hence come the Fruity Savor of Monaliva and the delicate balance between Bitter and Pungeant .

Hand Picking

Pciking the olives is handly performed so that the fruit is not harmed nor oxydation appears before extraction  of the oil.


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