We store the oil in underground stainless steel deposits in isolated black warehouses where the temperature is set to 20° C and with no access to sun light.

The deposits are inclined in order to take out all the dampness and organic particles that come down with time.


The filtering is made on the traditional way. The oil goes through a sheet which absorbs the humidity and keeps the organic particles.

This process is made without pressure to prevent heating the oil. We do not have stock of oil in bottles. We filter and bottle fresh oil order by order when asked for by our customers. This is to sale very fresh product.



Storage at constant temperature

Température fixed to 20°C

Black room protected from daylight


Bottling to the order

No bottles storage

All bottles delivered are fresh ones

Bottling line completely automatic with respect to food safety rules and HACCP


Monaliva au Coeur de notre Vie.

Zitoun Al Atlas