Zitoun Al Atlas's Motto is "Highest Quality, Highest Standards".


Zitoun Al Atlas is active in both the cultivation of the olive trees and the extraction of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Its unique position at the heart of the unspoiled Atlas Mountains in Morocco confers to its oil a special and delicious savour.

At Zitoun Al Atlas, we pay a careful attention to what we consider at the essence of our product, namely : 

Above all, we are driven by our true passion for our product and our land. We are deeply commited to ensure the best quality and integrity of our product, following our own rules of production based on the highest standards.

Zitoun Al Atlas chose to preserve the inherited traditional methods in the cultivation and the selection of the olives, while using the best available extraction process. The result is Monaliva, one of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.

 The entire olive oil production of Zitoun Al Atlas is premium extra virgin. The Monaliva oil brand is purely coming from the first cold extraction using exclusively the Picholines olives variety.

Our core team includes engineers and people raised in the Atlas mountains, all sharing the same passion for the olive tree. Our aim is to share with you unique olive oil products coming from the unspoiled and exceptional terroir nested in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.

Our Values

Our Passion for our Product and our "Terroir"

Our Committment to a Quality Premium


Our Quality and Food Safety Charter

The Satisfaction of our Clients is at the center of our Quality Management System

Certification ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 are on track

HACCP Enforced

Production at the best standards of quality and food safety according to HACCP

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Monaliva au Coeur de notre Vie.

Zitoun Al Atlas